The Anima d20 Campaign Setting, sometimes shortened to ‘Anima Campaign Setting’ or simply ‘Anima’, is a Campaign Setting that is set in a futuristic Earth after a great cataclysm.

Main Story Line Edit

Long ago, before humans were but a posibility, great beings ruled the earth. We know of them as the Deities. The rule lasted for millions of years, until one god, Anima, grew tired of his position within the ranks of the gods. He gathered his supporters and waged war against the gods. Just when Anima believed he was on the verge of winning, the other gods sacrificed themselves to seal him within a unbreakable prison and sealed it deep beneath the earth.

When the dust had settled, the world had been broken and destroyed. Thousands of years past and the world slowly recovered, new creatures replaced the strange beasts of old, the humans among them. The humans fought among themselves and the planet suffered, until the humans discovered Anima's prison deep beneath the Earth and once more, the gods were unleashed.

Main Races Edit

In the Anima d20 Campaign Setting, the standard d20 are replaced with a new set of races:

The basic race in the Anima d20 Campaign Setting, that excels in no particular area of expertise, although it is not penalized in any either.

A race of Fish-like humanoids, which make their homes in the remains of Indonesia. They are excellent swimmers and make excellent rangers and shaman.

Similar to the werewolves of modern myth, these fierce pack hunters reside in Europe. They are masters of Anima, and make excellent rangers, shifters and animists.

Snake-human hybrids, these lawful creatures vary greatly in appearance and ability and lurk in Australia and New Zealand. They excel in both mental and physical strength, making powerful shifters and rogues.

These powerfully built humanoid lions, this proud and superstitious race can be found in Africa. They make excellent fighters, making powerful warriors and barbarians.

Mysterious and reclusive tiger-humanoids, these creatures can wield a mysterious force that is similar to Anima, making them elite Animists and Shamans.

Bird folk, that dwell on high mountains and cities built on the clouds. They are swift and powerful, making excellent rogues and rangers.

Sneaky lizard-like humanoid merchants that dwell in the world’s deserts. They excel in both the rogue and the barbarian class.

Classes Edit

The Anima d20 Campaign Setting uses the Player's Handbook classes, with the following exceptions:

- The Sorcerer, Wizard, Paladin, Bard and Druid Classes are no longer used.

- They are replaced by the Animist, Shaman and Shifter classes.

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