In the Anima d20 Campaign Setting, the dryad is a fictional creature. Resembling a genderless, green-skinned humanoid, dryads live in the ruins of human society in a fictional Earth.

Physical Description Edit

A Dryad resembles a human in shape and form but is actually quite different. Dryads have a dark green, unblemished skin, with hair colours including brown, pink, violet, blue and other flower colours. Dryads lack a gender, although any Dryads that were once female have vestigial breasts. Dryads have an internal structure like most plants, lacking normal organs. Instead, a small orb of Anima lies in the center of their chest, keeping them alive.

History and Creation Edit

The first Dryad was a human, who after the Cataclysm, was trapped inside the grounds of the large estate. Driven almost to insanity, he found the prison of the Goddess Saria (pronounced: sair-i-a). In thanks for freeing her, Saria cured his insanity and transformed him into a male version of her, as well as a mysterious seed. When planted, it grew into a huge oaktree, which gave him the power to bestow Saria's gift upon the world. Once the human, who now called himself the 'Green Man', managed to catch glimpses of what human society had become. Saddened by this, he sought to find a way to repair human society and bring about an age of peace. His first plan, though, was to master the strange energy known only as Anima. Once he had learned to harness this powerful energy, he sent out an important invitation to his children and their grandchildren. When they arrived, the Green Man used his powerful magic to bind them and exposed them to the raw power of the Great Tree. Their transformation was almost instantaneous; within seconds they had become true Dryads. Shocked and horrified by their transformation they attempted to force the Green Man to reverse the effects. The transformation had made them weak, however, and the Green Man easily crushed their rebellion and bound their wills to him. The Green Man accomplished this feat in months, when it would have normally taken years, thanks to the power Saria bestowed upon him. He then sent out an ‘urgent invitation’ to his children and grandchildren, calling them to his estate. When they arrived, they found that there was nobody there. The Green Man then ambushed them and exposed them to the raw power of the Great Tree, instantly bringing about their transformation into true Dryads. Shocked by their transformation, the Green Man found that they did not share his outlook

Society Edit

Dryads live in a simple society, built around spiritual peace and the creation of more dryads.they were green. pretty!!

Important Dryads Edit

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